Saturday, May 9, 2009

She swims

We took S over to Z's house for her first time swimming. Pink swimsuit? Check. Pink terry cover-up? Check. Pink flip-flops? Check. Pink sunglasses? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Pink wetsuit (to keep warm)? Check.

We were all ready!!!

As soon as I dipped her legs in the water she started paddling her legs instinctively. It was adorable. Then when her hands got wet she smacked the surface of the water with her hands and splashed and splashed and splashed. It was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed it!

First look at the pool...

Getting ready to dip my feet in the water...

Saying hi to Rudy! I love doggies.

Rockin' my glasses!

This is fun!

The water is so refreshing! And I am just too cute for words.

Relaxing with Grampy after swimming. Phew, that was exhausting!

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  1. Oh I can't wait to do that with Reed. It looks like it was a blast. And Amy, you rock in that suit too! ;)