Wednesday, August 12, 2009

9 months!

Today is S's 3/4 birthday. I have taken a picture of her with Teddy every month since she was 2 months old, but this was the first time that she has been too mobile to sit still for the camera. She preferred to leap up to the crib railing and stand tall and proud... it was adorable. Here are some pictures of her today on her 9 month birthday... both in the crib and enjoying bath time tonight!

She is [thisclose] to both crawling and walking and yet she still has a fabulously toothless grin. I wonder when her first pearly white will pop through...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Flying by

Life, that is. I just finished 6 weeks of night shifts... it is so nice to see the sun again! Every morning when I came home from work I would snuggle and nap with S. I looked forward to it every day. I am excited to see R a lot more now that we'll mostly be on days together! We both love our jobs and things are going well. My mom, dad and sister, H, have been absolute angels helping to take care of S. They have been amazing and I don't know what we would have done without them this summer. S loves her Aunt H so much! Mary came to visit the week of the 4th of July when she was on leave from Iraq. Savannah had so much fun with her Aunt M and we can't wait to see her again in February.

S is changing and growing so much! She's over 18lb and 28 inches long now. She still isn't crawling or walking, but she's starting to learn to do both! She has become very adventurous in trying to lunge forward when sitting and going after whatever toy she wants at the moment. Right now she "swims" trying to crawl. It's so cute! She is also standing up with assistance and trying to let go and try to take steps. She feeds herself the bottle and is starting to say consonant phrases like "mama" nonspecifically. I love it!

Here are some recent pictures: