Wednesday, May 6, 2009

March 18, 2008

On that day we got the news that would change our lives forever. We found out we were pregnant! I used a digital test and when it said "Pregnant" I wanted to surprise R in a special way, so I made him a cute little basket. In the basket I placed a stuffed baby chick and in the chick's wing I placed the pregnancy test. I also placed a note that read "To: Daddy" behind the chick. This is what the note said:

I do not have a face to see,
Or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss,
I don't yet have a name.
You can't yet hold my tiny hands, 'nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song, or cuddle me so near.
But all will change come Thanksgiving,
That's when they say I'm due.
I'll be your first child; I can't wait till I meet you.
All I ask between now and then is your patience while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait, because of all the love we'll know.
So have a Happy Easter
A wish to you from me.
I cannot wait to be a part
of this great family!

Here is a picture of the basket:

And now we get to do all of those things with S. She is here. This picture is from today - she was playing with the chick! We have come full circle and I feel so blessed to have our family of three.

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