Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teddy Bear Travels

R got S a mini Steiff Teddy Bear for her first birthday. He had soft fur and a kissable nose that S loved very much. Unfortunately, our dogs found him equally lovable and one day we noticed that "L.T." (Little Teddy) was wet with slobber and missing an eye and an ear. I was devastated. Z came to the rescue, scooping L.T. up and working valiantly to have L.T. repaired/find a replacement - all without much success. Apparently this Steiff model is no longer manufactured.

Amazingly, Z found a shop in London, England that had a twin of L.T. in stock! Today we opened the mailbox to find a very special surprise... Little Teddy was perfectly wrapped in a little box that had come from across the Atlantic! HE IS PERFECT!

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