Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Days

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." -John Lubbock

Our day started with a lovely trip to Sunday brunch for French toast. Let me preface my next thought by saying that S insisted on wearing her fabulous, pink cowgirl boots this morning - so strut them she did. They are super cute - and very Texan - but they are still a bit big on her. Seeing as I'm always looking for an excuse to pull out my Luccheses and R wore his boots as well, it was a family affair.

All of this leads me to the fact that after brunch R and I decided to take S to one of the parks in our city, which is usually uneventful. Once we got to the park this time, however, S was so excited to see the swings that she ran to the playground as fast as her little feet would carry her - and in a split second she had tripped over her boots and onto her hands and face, smack onto the pavement. She instantly had a bloody nose and a matching goose egg on her forehead which were quickly accompanied by cries (on S's part, and on mine as well). We abandoned the park and hurried home to check S out where I tried to be mom and not switch to doctor mode (does she need a CT scan? How about plain films?) Needless to say we managed to survive and S seemed no worse for the wear. I washed her face, got out Boo Boo Buddy (ie, Lady Bug) from the freezer, and gave her some acetaminophen (generic as of late, what with the massive J&J recall... which is really topic for another post but alarming by the way).

Anyway, we decided not to let the morning's mishap get in our way of having fun at the park. S slipped on some sneakers and we headed out to a different park for Take 2. Fortunately, we had an absolutely wonderful time. There were several squirrels playing in the grass and S spent some time squealing and trying to see where they were hiding up in the trees. She played with some dandelions, asking me to blow loose the seeds. She practiced climbing stairs and then ran like the wind through the grass field.

The swings, slide and jungle gym were of course fun, but as a surprise we found out that the little water park had opened up as well! We were thoroughly unprepared to be soaking wet but S didn't seem to mind at all. The sun was blistering hot and the water felt great. S typically doesn't like water splashing on her so I was impressed that she had so much fun. Next time we'll bring swimsuits, shades and towels.

Squirrel hunt

Bonnet Babe



Water, water everywhere!

Splish, splash

What better way to wrap up a trip to the park than with some Mandarin oranges? This video is hysterical! I've never seen anyone enjoy Mandarin oranges as much as S does.

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  1. Poor baby!!!! Glad the second trip to the park worked out! She looks fab in her little outfit!