Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Chapter

S is sitting on my lap right now, making typing a one-handed and ridiculously slow task. She is squealing and grunting, flailing her arms in the air as she shakes the rattling caterpillar toy she has clasped in her left hand. Now she is trying to eat this rattle, rather unsuccessfully. She is a constant source of joy and entertainment. I thought I would start this blog to chronicle our adventures, discoveries and milestones raising S. It seems like a great time to start as we are about to begin a new chapter in our lives.

First, S turns 5 months tomorrow! She is growing quickly and I am amazed at how she seems to learn something new daily. She loves to laugh with her Papa, flirt with her Mama, and cause everyone around to fall in love with her. Lately she has been discovering the different tastes that baby food has to offer (apples and bananas being her favorite), experimenting with the different noises that her voice makes, and practicing how to roll over. Oh, and she loves bouncing in her Jumperoo and chilling in the bath tub. She hates tummy time, but we are working on that with her daily work-outs.

Second, R and I graduate from medical school on May 15, then we will be moving back to the east coast to start our residency training in mid-June. I'm going into Ob/Gyn and R is going into Internal Medicine. We just bought a house last week and are closing on May 27th. It will be exciting to move into our first home as a family of three. Leaving Texas will be bittersweet - we will miss R's parents dearly, as well as all of the friends we will be leaving behind. However, it will be wonderful to be near my family again, as they will be able to see S more often.

I hope that we can use this site to stay in touch with family and friends, posting about our life, residency, and most of all about our sweet little pea.


  1. Savannah is the so cute! i love the new house. I can't wait to be part-time nanny. don't worry, I'll give you a family discount.
    *smile to myself*