Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cookie Monster

No, I didn't feed my child chocolate chip cookies at the tender age of five months (though I am sure she would have loved that). S is fascinated with my snack wrappers - apparently they are quite the delicatessen. You can watch our two most recent videos (from today and yesterday) in the Video Bar on the left.

Her personality is peeping through more each day. She is happy almost all of the time, sometimes shrieking with glee or charming us with her belly laughs. She likes to have chill time by herself in the swing or Jumperoo and she makes it perfectly clear that tummy time is not her favorite activity, showing us both her independent streak and strong will, respectively.

Z calls her our "jumping bean" because one of her favorite things to do is jump up and down while being held in my arms. It's kind of like she thinks I am her own personal Jumperoo and she can bounce along as she pleases. Her chubby feet hit my lap, her knees bend, and just like that she's sprung up again.

She also loves the spinning toy on her Bebe Pod. I think she is going to be right handed because she definitely favors that hand when playing with toys or picking up objects. Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday:

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