Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I recently discovered that S is ticklish. The fact of the matter is that I probably exploit this fact more than I should... when she's on the "magic table" (her changing table, so aptly named because it makes her happy in an instant) I give her a moose kiss on her stomach and then nibble on her ribs just a bit. It is hysterical - the poor thing just bursts into a belly laugh! There isn't much that warms the heart like seeing your child's toothless grin and hearing her laughter.

I also love to watch S sleeping in her crib. She loves her bunny lovey and cuddles with it while she sleeps; I even caught her petting the bunny's ears and face while she was asleep last week. Precious girl. I have her positioned to sleep on her side (I rotate her when she wakes up) to prevent a flat spot on the back of her head. This is what I see when I check on her at night:

With every day that passes she becomes more interactive (and entertaining). She's sitting up for longer periods of time now than she had been, she's discovered her feet (and wants to eat her toes), and she loves her num nums (solid food).

She's practically a little lady...

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  1. Awww... so precious. It's like they become little people right in front of you. I love how she looks like she fell asleep kissing her lovey's nose. So sweet.