Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Visit to the pediatrician today...

...and S was terrified the whole time. It absolutely broke my heart. I thought that her well visits (and subsequent vaccines) would go more easily the older she got, but that has turned out not to be the case. She screamed her poor little self into a tizzy just while having her ears examined and she fell asleep in Papa's arms right afterward.

I wished we could have just gone home after this, but no - we had to have our 6 month vaccine series. S is actually turning 7 months in three days, but because of graduation and our move across the country we decided to postpone these shots until we were a little more settled in our new home. I guess R and I didn't measure her properly at 6 months (or we had a faulty tape measure... haha) and her stats today were 26.5 inches and 17lb 7oz. The growth chart I use online says she is in the 60th% for length and in the 64th% for weight. Oh, and her head is in the 93rd%, just like her Mama and Papa!

Birth 19.25in (48%)
2 mo. 22.50in (67%)
4 mo. 24.00in (50%)
5 mo. 25.50in (78%)
7 mo. 26.50in (60%)

Birth 6lb 6oz (14%)
2 mo. 11lb 8oz (70%)
4 mo. 14lb 4oz (69%)
5 mo. 15lb 12oz (74%)
7 mo. 17lb 7oz (64%)

She was very fussy after her shots and she immediately napped for 2 1/2 hours when we got home. I have been trying to put her down for bed for over an hour but she keeps resisting. I gave her a second dose of Infant Tylenol about 30 minutes ago so hopefully she will start to feel better, soon...

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