Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Evening walks and kerchiefs

R, S and I have been taking evening walks with the pups as the weather has been gorgeous. I carry S in the Snuggli and R walks the dogs - it works out perfectly. I love having her so close to me and I feel like it's great bonding time for us. She will never again be this small and I cherish this stage so much. I will remember these days forever...

Here was S yesterday in her swing. Sweet, precious girl!

R and I have hospital orientation all this week. Today was my mother's first day watching S by herself. It went really well! I missed her so much but she had a lot of fun with Oma. When R and I got home this afternoon from orientation she was excited to see us. Sigh... I wish I could bring her to work with me in the Snuggli. Wouldn't that be something?

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  1. Now THAT would be great. If my doc came in with little adorable Savannah on her back!? :)